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Varta Battery

Varta Battery

Flooded Technology

VARTA ® has a complete portfolio of flooded lead-acid batteries, spanning a large variety of cars. Each battery is constructed to satisfy the individual needs of original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket consumers in our global consumer base.

The most popular battery type is flooded lead-acid batteries. All the internal components are protected by a liquid electrolyte composed of sulphuric acid. The flooded VARTA batteries have a sealed design, so they are spill-proof.

Automotive Flooded Batteries

Our flooded 12-volt batteries are designed to satisfy the electrical needs of today’s cars, delivering efficient starting capacity in the most difficult temperature conditions time and time again.

Marine Flooded Batteries

Varta deliver a full marine beginning and deep cycle battery product line, holding our customers longer on the water. We have the best marine offering for any consumer need, from high-cranking starting batteries to regular and upgraded deep-cycle flooded batteries. VARTA Professional Dual Purpose batteries are spill-proof and can be tilted up to an angle of 90 ° for brief intervals, unlike typical flooded batteries.

Starting batteries deliver sudden starting power blasts from the engine.

When the engine is not working, deep-cycle batteries launch motors and power accessories.

With improved cycling capabilities, more robust structure, enhancing life in deep-cycle applications.

Heavy-Duty Truck Flooded Batteries

With Heavy-duty, commercial-grade batteries are designed in demanding conditions for superior efficiency and accelerated cycling. Varta PowerFrame® grid technology given longer life, corrosion resistance and up to 70% improved electrical flow are given.

Battery life and corrosion protection are improved by maintenance-free vents.

Lead alloy-straps and anchor bonding improve resistance to vibration.

Simple transporting and installation is possible with incorporated folding handles.

Impact-resistant case for longevity of strengthened end walls.

Shorts are opposed by robust separators.

Varta EFB (enhanced flooded battery) Batteries

Compared to traditional lead-acid batteries for automotive and commercial vehicle applications, it provides improved flooded battery (EFB) products that offer superior reliability and performance. Our batteries are designed to suit the particular needs of consumers and are assembled in facilities throughout Europe to meet the highest level of efficiency.

EFB Batteries For Consumer/private Cars

EFB batteries help applications that run at a partial charge state and do not need the AGM battery’s deep-cycling characteristics. This is made possible by a polyfleece scrim material, attached to the positive plate surface. This helps to maintain the plates’ active material, which enhances endurance.

Advantages as below:

More than twice the partial charge state and the efficiency of traditional batteries for deep-cycling. Help for a high volume of engine starts and long times of engine-off. Improved acceptance of charges relative to traditional flooded batteries. Designs are available for use in engine compartments and hot climates to enhance thermal stability. Designed for start-stop automotive systems without regenerative braking technology and for cars with higher-than – normal energy needs, whether it requires a stricter drive plan or multiple mounted accessories and facilities. Moreover, for high starting power and stable efficiency, our EFB products are designed with PowerFrame ® grid technology.

EFB Technology Features

Scrim is an extra element of polyester between the plate and the divider. The scrim keeps the active material within the plate in place and prevents mass erosion. The result: increased resistance to the deep cycle and superior acceptance of the charge. In all times and in any situation, the glued fleece lets the plates retain their correct location.

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Acid Circulation (Mixing Element)

Acid stratification is avoided by the acid circulator. It’s a building element that uses the vehicle’s natural movement to hold the acid in steady circulation within the battery. The acid density remains at homogeneous volumes, which increases the reception of charges and improves the battery life overall.

Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) Lead-Acid Advanced Batteries

To get the best of the best, upgrade to AGM. You can get an incredible battery that is capable of running the most challenging cars and accessories by selecting an AGM battery with the most modern technologies. The revolutionary VARTA ® AGM technology promises three times the durability of traditional batteries, which is suitable for advanced start-stop systems where the battery needs to be recharged rapidly with the regenerative braking system’s capacity.

Varta AGM battery from Powersports is built with harsh conditions in mind. This advanced product delivers full strength over a long life with the (AGM) lead-acid built in and is fully maintenance-free.

All the acid in the battery is soaked up by the special AGM lead-acid, offering high cyclic stability. This allows frequent charging and discharging of the battery without any output loss.

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Want to change new car battery?

Your car is probably one of your biggest purchases. So make sure your car is at its best shape. At CarBateri, we offer Varta car battery delivery service in Klang Valley are (KL, PJ, Shah Alam) with no hidden charges. If you need to get it inspected for its internal functionality, especially your car battery, just give us a call at CarBateri. We’ll be at your doorstep as soon as possible.